Member Information

The Rio Grande Valley Apartment Association is a trade association representing professionals in the rental housing industry. Members include rental housing owners, properties, developers, and suppliers.  The association provides industry news and education, legislative action, leasing forms, networking opportunities, and marketing connections for members.

The Rio Grande Valley Apartment Association consists of the following 8 counties: Brooks, Cameron, Hidalgo, Jim Hogg, Kenedy, Starr, Willacy, and Zapata.

Annual Membership

Your annual investment in membership is based upon the number of rental units that you and/or your business entity own and a one-time processing fee of $50.00.

Apartment Properties or Residential homes of 50 units or more must have their own membership.

A1: 1-10 units: $200 (with complimentary BlueMoon Software
A2: 11-49 units: $200 + $2.75 per unit
A3: 50-199 units: $250 + $2.75 per unit
A4: 200-999 units: $300 + $2.75 per unit 
A5: 1000 + units: $450 + $2.75 per unit

Annual dues include membership with the Rio Grande Valley Apartment Association (RGVAA), Texas Apartment Association (TAA), and the National Apartment Association (NAA).  All employees of each member are covered under the annual membership dues which are renewed yearly in January.

As a member of RGVAA, you can purchase the TAA lease contracts and forms designed to help you operate your business more efficiently, cost-effectively, and, most importantly, in compliance with all applicable laws and ordinances. These forms are the most recognized and comprehensive lease contracts and property management forms in the state and nation. They are specifically created to protect both the owner/manager and resident and are copyrighted. You can buy hard copy forms through the RGVAA office, or soft copy through BlueMoon Software. You will not find any other form to be as complete and updated every two years as the legislation changes.
BlueMoon Software provides you 24/7 online access to over 30 standardized forms, including Lease Contracts, Rental Applications, Inventory and Condition Forms, Pet Agreement, Contract Guaranty Form, and many more.
Your questions regarding landlord/tenant laws are answered in the copyrighted REDBOOK. The REDBOOK is a comprehensive legal reference guide containing civil and criminal statutes relating to the rental housing industry. It includes samples of all the TAA lease forms, management forms, and legal articles. The REDBOOK is availble revised every two years. TAA's REDBOOK Online and mobile app are available 24 hours a day, seven days a week, wherever you are. This resource gives you immediate access to the legal information you need from your trusted source. If your property uses TAA's Click N Lease program, you can directly access the REDBOOK Online.